Time To Fly

April 7, 2014 in Jade

Walking Travel

We are getting down to the wire now. Only seven weekends until I will look at Jenn and declare that this is it. Time to fly. But as I have heard it said, you have to walk before you fly. So today I got up on my feet, hoisted my pack onto my back and walked a total of 18.7 kilometers. The walk was the first I have done since walking with Jenn in January. The long icy winter was prohibitive as the roads and sidewalks were covered with layers of ice. Today was the first day that I felt it safe enough to walk. I had slipped and fallen in January and the last thing I needed, or wanted, was to fall and break my leg. I don’t usually worry about that kind of thing, but then it isn’t every Summer that I travel to Spain to walk 800 kilometers.

Today was an idyllic Spring day. Little streams of snowmelt were joining greater bodies of water which ran with currents swirling and eddies curling out from under ice shelves. Looking up I saw a clean blue slate of a sky scraped clear and bright by the Winter winds. Looking ahead, I saw  the long sinewy road  upon which I was travelling.

Walking Travel

Indeed, it has been a long road I have been travelling to get to this point in my Camino journey. I feel like I’m on a plane which is just waiting for the moment of take-off. My mind is rolling over all the little loose ends I have to tie up before I leave for Paris, then Spain.

  • I’m still debating whether or not to hunt down mesh bags for my toiletries.
  • I still have to pick up and pack a few choice items for the trip.
  • I have to photocopy documents.
  • I need to call and confirm hotel reservations.
  • I have a few surprises for the kids that I am working on and need to finish soon.
  • I need to prepare and freeze spaghetti sauce and meals for my family.
  • I need to continue with my training and walking.
  • I have dentist and ophthalmologist and doctor appointments.

All of this and much more is written on my to-do list. And only seven weeks to go!

If I had wings I would be in a flap about now but every once in a while I remind myself about the seriousness of going on a pilgrimage and I am able to touch the ground again

Counting the days is a journey unto itself. Join me!